Basic Survey


The title of the programme is TSLC in Survey Engineering


The program aims is preparing competent basic level workforce in the field of survey engineering.

 Programme Description:

This course is based on practical exposure in different areas as required. In every subject, topical explanations will be followed by demonstrations by instructors and in all tasks, trainees will be asked to practice by themselves through do-it-yourself/hands-on exercises so that they can internalize what they learn in the classroom. There are ten subjects, which cover all related areas of the work of survey engineering. Though some basic and essential theoretical inputs have been included, yet the focus is given on enhancement of the required skills, enabling techniques and competency building.

 Course Duration:

This course will be completed within 18 months. There will be 15 months (40 hours/weeks)

52 weeks a year = 2060 hrs. class plus 3 months (480 hrs) on the job training (OJT).